System Engineer

Location: remote
Salary: - PLN
Type of contract: b2b
Ref no: 00/WW/05

    Description of the role:

    • responsible for the continuity of operation of entrusted IT systems (Base24, PRM , OGG),

    • design, deliver and support (within an ITIL framework) production and test environments,

    • participate in IT and business projects,

    • recommend solutions for IT architecture within the scope of responsibility in terms of capacity and efficiency of the entrusted systems,

    • participate in planning the development of IT systems.


    • solving incidents reported by system users

    • repair of failures reported by monitoring systems

    • making changes to entrusted systems

    • design tasks within the entrusted systems

    • documenting the introduced changes

    • system monitoring

    • configuration and updating of entrusted IT systems in accordance with the applicable standards for monitoring, backup and security

    • provide after-hours support for entrusted systems/applications within the agreed monthly schedule


    • very good knowledge of application PRM v9

    • good knowledge for BASE24 Classic v6.10 on HP NSK platform

    • knowledge environment for data replication (Oracle GoldenGate) on HP NSK

    Details about the environment:

    • all applications working 24/7

    • installation environment for PRM v9

    • modules PRM v9 dedicates to Acquiring and Issuing processing

    • source data to PRM v9 from Base24 Classic PIP processes

    • modules installed PRM RT (Issuing) and NRT (Acquiring)

    • Frontend - Apache on Linux

    • Analytic Gateway - Windows Servers

    • PRM UI IFC on JBOSS, Linux

    • PRM Data Base - Oracle on AIX

    • PIP process on BASE24 is connected to Analytic Gateway

    • installation many clients (Banks) on the same instance

    • application Base24 Classic v6 installed on HP NSK platform

    • modules Base24 applications dedicated to areas Acquiring and Issuing

    • installation and detailed configuration capabilities:

      - XPNET v3

      - TSS v3

    • diagnostic and operational skills for:

      - SPDH

      - RTAU

      - BIC-ISO

      - FHM

      - Interchanges (VISA, MC, Amex, Diners)

      - used Oracle GoldenGate libraries to data replication

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