IT Outsourcing

We temporarily lease IT specialists to make your project teams more flexible.

Cost-Effective & Flexible

We offer temporary lease of IT specialists by extending the Client’s project teams with required competences and resources. We take on both identification and acquisition of specialists, verifying their technical knowledge, negotiations as well as formalities related to their employment and payroll management. Depending on situation, consultants can work at the Client’s office, in the SpeedApp office or remotely. Moreover, we conduct employer branding activities to provide consultants with additional work comfort.

Success stories

Insurance company

Over 20 experts working in the outsourcing model; Comprehensive support with multiple competence profiles (Project Managers, Developers, Analysts, Testers).

Tech company

Outsourcing of unique competencies due to implementation of support systems in Smart TV technology. C / C ++ Programmers specializing in embedded software solutions.

Leasing company

The outsourced team consists of automated testers and specialists in the field of ​​advanced database administration.

Western capital bank

Support in the field of ​​business analysis and tests implemented in the IT outsourcing model.

Fina-tech start-up

Outsourcing a team of project manager and programmers developing systems in PHP technology.

Norwegian tech start-up

Outsourcing a team of mobile application programmers (iOS, Android) and Ruby / Ruby on Rails developers.

IT competences

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